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    Subway’s naughty nurse Halloween ad is not so fresh October 2014 — A new television ad for Subway uses a naughty nurse costume, among others, to encourage U.S. customers to dine at the sandwich chain so as to be able to fit into sexy Halloween costumes. In the ad, a young female office worker urges

  • Love! Witchcraft! Cupcakes!0

    Fall 2014 television overview October 2014 — The fall U.S. prime time television schedule has several new shows with nurses among the regular characters, although there is a notable trend toward the distant past. Outlander, the Starz series which has now aired half its first season and will resume in April, is based on popular books about a

  • I want Nurse Kandy0

    Klondike sells Kandy Bars with clever naughty nurse stereotype September 2014 — Unilever introduced its new Klondike Kandy Bars with a television ad featuring a sexy candy bar “nurse” whose seduction of a Klondike ice cream bar “patient” ostensibly led to the birth of the new product. Although they seem to have stopped airing this

  • All due respect0

    Another 24 episodes of misinformation about what nurses do May 2014 – The tenth season of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy followed the show’s by-now-familiar model, clinically speaking:  Surgeons gave all important hospital care and nurses were generally limited to background roles, fetching things and absorbing commands, occasionally with an obsequious “yes, doctor!” In an April 2014

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    (2014) Director: Carolyn Jones Producers: Carolyn Jones and Lisa Frank Diginext Films Not rated by MPAA The American Nurse opens nationwide today! The American Nurse is a fine feature-length documentary about five nurses from director Carolyn Jones’s 2012 book of portraits with the same name. The nurses, three women and two men, work in varied settings:  a


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