• No nurses no care?0

    The Night Shift‘s third season October 2017 – Now that NBC’s summer hospital drama The Night Shift has aired its fourth and final season, let’s take a look back at the third season, from summer 2016. A descendant of the network’s classic ER, the show featured intense trauma scenes at a San Antonio public hospital

  • All Types Welcome…to stereotype nursing!0

    Lionsgate exploits nursing, again, to promote blood drive for new film Jigsaw Lionsgate has promoted its popular Saw horror film franchise with blood drives, using posters exploiting the naughty and battle-axe stereotypes of nursing. For this month’s series entry Jigsaw, the posters push gender boundaries as a way of protesting the restrictions on blood donations

  • Bartender of the emergency department0

    The Night Shift‘s first season October 2017 – Now that NBC’s summer hospital drama The Night Shift has finished its fourth and final season, it may be instructive to look back at the season that started it all, from summer 2014. That first season revealed the San Antonio-based show to be one of many descendants

  • My Hospital? It’s all physicians, elixirs, and panaceas!0

    Cherrypick’s game promotes all-physician narrative of hospital care October 2017 – The premise of the My Hospital phone game is that after you graduate from medical school, your wealthy grandfather gives you a brand-new hospital to run and operate as a manager. The game introduction specifically states that “You will need doctors to cure patients,” which


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