• Chickens without heads0

    Press items highlight nurse staffing crisis in Quebec The Montreal Gazette says understaffing is so bad that some nurses have reported themselves for unsafe care. A Public Radio International piece reports that 700 physicians signed a petition urging that their own raises go to address the problem. March 8, 2018 – Recent press pieces have described severe nurse

  • Something to tell you0

    Florida ED nurse has a simple request:  “Wash your stinking hands”! The Washington Post reports that nurse Katherine Lockler posted an amusing video to Facebook explaining key ways people can avoid the flu. The video shows strong public health advocacy—it went “viral,” haha. But some took issue with Lockler’s exasperated tone, and she was evidently “reported”

  • The tragic hero0

    Nurse Jackie says goodbye The Showtime comedy’s final seasons had flaws, occasionally suggesting that nurses report to physicians. But there was still a lot of expert care and creative advocacy from the brilliant Jackie Peyton and her protegee Zoey Barkow. June 2015 – Showtime’s Nurse Jackie could have been named Addict Jackie, since that aspect of

  • Fancy dresses and dead patients0

    U.K. hospital refuses £2,500 donation raised with naughty nurse stereotype But the BBC report about the “fancy dress” fundraising by Ludlow Hospital’s League of Friends mostly highlights the views of people who think the League’s tactics are just fine. And the League vows to do more of the same. September 19, 2017 – On August

  • Kisses for cops1

    The Town Talk on a special thank you from nurses Some Louisiana nurses thanked local police for their service with “kisses for cops” – apparently just baskets of Hershey’s Kisses. But ideally nurses would avoid linking their profession with romantic imagery. November 25, 2015 – Today The Town Talk, a Gannett publication in Louisiana, ran


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