• The Wonder (2016)0

    Emma DonoghueBack Bay Books / Little, Brown and Company God is a woman Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder puts a Nightingale nurse to the test The novel tells the story of 19th Century London nurse Lib Wright, who is hired to observe an Irish “fasting girl” — a child who seems not to have eaten anything

  • Every week is nurses week1

    In New York Daily News supplement, Truth leaders discuss the image of nursing May 6, 2019 – In this year’s Nurses Week advertising supplement, the New York Daily News ran a long piece by Truth About Nursing executive director Sandy Summers and senior advisor Harry Summers. We discussed our work over the years on nursing

  • Are nurses “technicians” or “professionals”?2

    A questionnaire sent home with many Spanish school kids this month undervalues nursing. The man in charge has refused to retract it and issue a new one. Or…   May 2019 – Late this month the government of the Spanish region of Andalusia sent a questionnaire home with 90,000 school kids categorizing various professions. Physicians

  • Pottersville0

    Life could be more wonderful, says Guardian report on nursing strikes A recent Guardian piece describes an increase in labor actions by U.S. hospital nurses, apparently inspired by recent teacher strikes. Factors include understaffing and benefit cuts. A special focus is a strike in Indiana, PA, the inspiration for Bedford Falls in the film It’s a

  • Isn’t it pretty to think so?0

    Nurses Day tributes are everywhere, but the angel imagery is not so helpful According to the Times of India, the nation’s president has saluted nurses’ “service,” “dedication,” and “nation-building.” Canada’s Globe and Mail has Christie Watson’s very dramatic tribute to nurses’ “art of caring.” And the U.K.’s Telegraph reports that rampant understaffing threatens patients and

  • I love a woman in a uniform0

    BBC and other major media spotlight nurse denied Guinness marathon record A BBC item was among those reporting that Guinness World Records had denied nurse Jessica Anderson its record for a woman completing a marathon in a nurse’s uniform after she ran in scrubs rather than the traditional dress and cap. Anderson is right that


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