Maximize nurse retention and reimbursement in consultation with The Truth About Nursing

Hospital leaders:

Would you like to halt nurse turnover?

Maximize reimbursements?

We can help you!

Leaders of The Truth About Nursing have been the forefront of the effort to transform nursing care since 2001

The Truth About Nursing has long worked to define nursing excellence for the public and to improve understanding of the profession. Now our leaders provide hospitals with in-depth, individualized analysis of the hidden factors that can affect nurse turnover, health care errors, readmission rates, and patient satisfaction levels.

Our years of experience in diverse public health and clinical settings allow unique insights into what can enhance hospital excellence—and what can undermine it. Let us give you the critical information you need to achieve high levels of staff satisfaction and nursing retention, so you can attract and keep the best nursing professionals. We can help you be the hospital that your community of patients and providers chooses first in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Let us help you be the hospital that is recognized for:

  • Best place to work;
  • Best experience as a patient;
  • High metrics for safety and quality;
  • Improving your bottom line.
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