• My beautiful dark twisted fantasy0

    On ABC’s The Good Doctor, physicians do everything and nurses rarely appear The first season of the hit hospital drama from David Shore (House) features a surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. The show challenges some social stereotypes, but at the same time, it strongly reinforces the stereotype that nurses are low-skilled physician lackeys

  • Heaven knows we’re Miseryable now0

    Castle Rock resurrects legendary battle-axe Annie Wilkes Hulu’s Stephen King series is adding Annie Wilkes, the murderous nurse who imprisoned and tortured her favorite novelist to make him keep her favorite character alive. In Misery, the Wilkes character linked female nursing authority with malevolence and otherness. She has a new plotline here, so we’re sure

  • Business Insider gives worldwide coverage to Truth’s campaign for nurse to lead NINR0

    September 13, 2019 – Today Business Insider posted a piece by Allana Akhtar about nurses’ objections to the recent appointment of non-nurses as interim leaders of NINR. The article was “The US government just appointed a dentist and a biologist to head the National Institute of Nursing research – a nurses are furious.” The US

  • Dentist assumes NINR interim director post0

    Search for permanent director continues Despite protests by thousands of nurses, and constructive interactions with NIH director Francis Collins, a dentist and a biologist have now assumed the interim leadership positions at NINR. The search for a permanent director is underway. Join our campaign for NIH to appoint a nurse as interim director as soon

  • The currency of care0

    The New Yorker on why we’re “perpetually short” of nurses James Ledbetter’s “Currency” feature from November 2015 examined the causes of chronic U.S. nursing shortages, rightly focusing on insufficient resources for education and the demands of nursing practice. But it did not place enough emphasis on other key factors, such as nurse understaffing and the

  • Truth Hearts Midwife0

    Fall 2019 TV preview: All your favorites, plus the return of Ratched Call the Midwife will still offer a strong portrayal of nursing. Chicago Med and The Resident will show some nursing skill and advocacy, although physician characters dominate them. And the all-physician narratives of shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor will remain.


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