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Nuance’s electronic scheduler gets own name wrong

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May 27, 2017 – Today we learned of Nuance’s new electronic scheduler, designed specifically to help physicians, which the company has thoughtfully named “Florence,” after the modern nursing founder and public health pioneer Florence Nightingale. What an honor! After all, Nightingale was well known for meekly recording everything physicians said! Or wait–was she well known for aggressive advocacy on behalf of soldiers and the wider public, sometimes in the face of fierce opposition from physicians? That’s it! But take a look at how Nuance sees her:

In response, we sent a number of tweets to Jonathon Dreyer, senior healthcare marketing professional at Nuance Health, to explain why Nuance’s product name is damaging, to educate him about the nature of nursing, and to request that he and Nuance apologize and make amends to nursing. Our messages to him are below. We know that it is the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US, but if you join us in sending your thoughts their way, at @JonathonDreyer and @NuanceHealth, we may be able to get a response soon. And please use the hashtag #mHealth to make sure like-minded people get our message that nurses are nobody’s scheduler or handmaiden. Thank you!

Please join us in making your discontent known by Tweeting @JonathonDreyer and @NuanceHealth

Thank you!

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