Images have consequences

Johns Hopkins Magazine discusses Truth’s advocacy for nursing

JHU Magazine nurse articleFall 2017 – This season’s issue of the Johns Hopkins Magazine, an alumni publication, includes a long piece by Rosemary Hutzler Raun about the University’s nursing school and nursing in general. In “The Nurse Will See You Now: Nurses do more varied jobs than ever before—and the U.S. needs a lot more of them,” Raun observes that “images have consequences” and then describes the work of the Truth About Nursing, which was founded by JHU graduate nursing students. Raun mentions the Truth’s campaigns on media items ranging from Dr. Phil’s 2004 golddigger comments to Paul Krugman’s February 2017 reference to nursing as “menial.” We thank Raun and the Magazine. Please click here to see the article (we appear about half way down).

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