Every week is nurses week

In New York Daily News supplement, Truth leaders discuss the image of nursing

May 6, 2019 – In this year’s Nurses Week advertising supplement, the New York Daily News ran a long piece by Truth About Nursing executive director Sandy Summers and senior advisor Harry Summers. We discussed our work over the years on nursing in the media, including media campaigns like those targeting messaging by MTV and Dr. Oz. And we offered ideas to improve the image of nursing, including our new Coalition for Better Understanding of Nursing, urging readers to join us to create a better tomorrow for nurses and their patients. In addition, Truth advisor and living legend Claire Fagin, RN, PhD has a piece in the supplement providing valuable insights on changing how people think about nursing, among them: “I always introduce myself as a nurse.” Fagin also endorses the Truth’s work. We thank the Daily News!

See our article and Claire Fagin’s article in the May 2019 New York Daily News.

One thought on “Every week is nurses week”

  1. The truth about nursing is that nurse managers wield unrestrained power to silence dissent among front line nurses. The "dissent", I speak of is raising concerns, identifying risk. Otherwise, known as advocacy. When extreme suppression occurs, one nurse might bravely step forward and this is known as moral courage. What abuse of power do I speak of? Read the abstract on Unjust Dicipline of Nurses, Columbia Teachers College.

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