Business Insider gives worldwide coverage to Truth’s campaign for nurse to lead NINR

Business Insider

September 13, 2019 – Today Business Insider posted a piece by Allana Akhtar about nurses’ objections to the recent appointment of non-nurses as interim leaders of NINR. The article was “The US government just appointed a dentist and a biologist to head the National Institute of Nursing research – a nurses are furious.” The US story soon appeared in the Netherlands, India, Australia, Germany and China. Truth director Sandy Summers was quoted as saying that the appointment wrongly suggests non-nurses can lead nurses and “damages public understanding of the nursing profession [by sending] a message nurses are not college-educated science professionals.” The piece also included quotes from Doris Carroll, the Illinois nursing union leader who founded Nurses Take DC. And the article included a response from NIH, with a helpful link to the application page for the NINR permanent director position. We thank Allan Akhtar and everyone responsible.

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