• The world and his wife0

    U.K. media on crediting “female nurse and embryologist” Jean Purdy for IVF Archival letters show in vitro fertilization pioneer Robert Edwards pushing without success for recognition of his “equal” partner Jean Purdy in plaques honoring their work leading to the first test-tube baby in 1978. The Guardian did a good job highlighting the role that Purdy’s

  • What the heart wants0

    NBC’s Heartbeat featured expert physicians, with a nurse as skilled handmaiden The 2016 NBC show Heartbeat focused on a female cardiac surgeon and other physicians. It did have a recurring nurse character, but she never got beyond skilled aide-de-camp status. And it was finally revealed that she wanted to be a physician, reinforcing that nursing

  • Professional0

    New York Times Crossword shows RNs some respect Today the prominent puzzle sought the answer “RNS” with the clue “Pro caregivers, for short.” That at least suggests that nurses are experts with some level of autonomy. And it’s a far cry from the puzzle’s 2007 and 2009 clues, which the Truth strongly protested, calling nurses

  • Tiempos de Amor0

    The Netflix show Morocco: Love in Times of War offers only a limited look at Spanish wartime nursing in the 1920s. But the Spanish series, released in the U.S. in 2018, does include one fearless nursing leader. January 2018 – This month Netflix released to the U.S. market the first season of Morocco: Love in Times

  • These are the pros0

    AARP re-affirms support for NPs after strong NP advocacy In March 2019, the AARP Bulletin ran a piece with advice from a variety of “pros.” The piece relied on several physicians, but no nurses. It also disrespected nurse practitioners. NP Daniel Geller objected. AARP removed the original piece and posted a message of support for

  • Truth director to appear at online African nursing conference!0

    On July 9, Truth About Nursing director Sandy Summers will speak at “The African Nurse: Breaking Boundaries 1.0,” a Nursing Innovation and Media Storytelling Event July 7, 2019 — On Tuesday, July 9 at 8:00 pm WAT (West Africa Time) / 3:00 pm EDT (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time), Truth About Nursing executive director Sandy Summers will be


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