• Fights2

    Detroit’s Fox 2 television station reports that a local emergency nurse has developed a successful protocol to identify victims of human trafficking. And a New Yorker piece features a senior oncology nurse’s account of her tenacious efforts to overcome anti-vaccine disinformation within her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

  • A review of Chapter 1 of Born in the USA by Marsden Wagner, MD1

    By guest reviewer Colby Denson, RN Physician’s 2006 book advocates using midwives instead of obstetricians–in part by portraying Labor & Delivery nurses as ignorant servants I am an obstetrics (OB) nurse so I like to keep informed on issues facing my patients and colleagues. But I could barely get through the first chapter of Born in

  • “Respect the nurses”0

    On Grey’s Anatomy, surgeons are still gods and nurses are still low-skilled lackeys. But that didn’t stop one surgeon character from delivering a mind-boggling speech declaring that a key rule for successful surgeons is to listen to and respect nurses.

  • Sticks and rides may break my bones0

    St. Vincent plays the naughty nurse Alt-rock icon St. Vincent puts the naughty nurse first in a series of sexual role-playing images in the song “Savior” from her acclaimed recent album MASSEDUCTION. The song may not do enough to reject that specific image. But it does seem to reject women’s confinement to stereotypical roles and

  • Bold Brave Nursing0

    Truth director discusses image of nursing on All About Nursing radio show January 23, 2019 – This evening Truth About Nursing director Sandy Summers appeared live on the Bold Brave Media radio show All About Nursing, with host Joyce Batcheller, RN, DNP, FAAN. Over the course of an hour, Sandy discussed the Truth’s work to address the poor

  • Hangover1

    Nurse understaffing remains widespread in U.S. hospitals, The Guardian reports A good February 2019 article paints a distressing picture of the state of U.S. nurse staffing, emphasizing the dangerous effects on patients and nurses themselves. The piece relies on nurses and a union representative who calls for minimum nurse staffing ratios for all units, which


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