• Do nurses know things? Let’s find out!0

    Nurses are missing from many New York Times health pieces, consistent with a recent study Health reports published just a few days apart in the Times illustrate the findings of the new Woodhull Study Revisited: The mainstream news media still mostly ignores nursing and nurses as expert sources—even on health topics about which nurses know

  • Top nurses0

    Some U.S. city magazines start to notice nurses In recent years some monthly city magazines, long known for their annual “top docs” features, have included features on “top nurses.” Some simply add advanced practice nurses to the physician listings, while others have recognized nurses more generally. August 2015 – Recently some U.S. city magazines have

  • It’s no game0

    Chicago nurses’ op-ed in The Hill urges better understanding of nursing The op-ed argues that a legislator’s remark about nurses “playing cards” shows the need to improve understanding of nurses’ vital role in health care, citing the Truth leaders’ book Saving Lives April 28, 2019 – Today The Hill published “Nurses aren’t sitting around playing

  • The death card2

    State senator says nurses don’t need rest because they play cards a lot of the day Washington state senator Maureen Walsh, seeking to exempt small hospitals from proposed rules that would limit mandatory overtime and ensure breaks, said nurses at those hospitals “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.” What a joker!

  • Ladies health squad0

    On the BBC drama’s fourth season, autonomous nurses provided expert midwifery and psychosocial care to a poor London community. They also advocated strongly for dispossessed populations.

  • Killing joke4

    Syndicated cartoon says NPs suck! A recent Bottom Liners cartoon joked that “government-run healthcare” won’t be so bad because voters can “keep the nurse practitioner of their choice.” In fact, studies show NP care is at least as effective as physician care. But the stereotype that NPs are inferior substitutes remains common, undermining their care


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