• These are the pros0

    AARP re-affirms support for NPs after strong NP advocacy In March 2019, the AARP Bulletin ran a piece with advice from a variety of “pros.” The piece relied on several physicians, but no nurses. It also disrespected nurse practitioners. NP Daniel Geller objected. AARP removed the original piece and posted a message of support for

  • Truth director to appear at online African nursing conference!0

    On July 9, Truth About Nursing director Sandy Summers will speak at “The African Nurse: Breaking Boundaries 1.0,” a Nursing Innovation and Media Storytelling Event July 7, 2019 — On Tuesday, July 9 at 8:00 pm WAT (West Africa Time) / 3:00 pm EDT (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time), Truth About Nursing executive director Sandy Summers will be

  • They get the job done0

    Powerful New Yorker piece highlights the work of a veteran hospice nurse The long 2016 report by Larissa MacFarquhar describes the work of hospice nurse Heather Meyerend, who provides skilled physical and psychosocial care to patients and family members in South Brooklyn. What may be most striking to readers is Meyerend’s expertise in the nature

  • The Wonder (2016)0

    Emma DonoghueBack Bay Books / Little, Brown and Company God is a woman Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder puts a Nightingale nurse to the test The novel tells the story of 19th Century London nurse Lib Wright, who is hired to observe an Irish “fasting girl” — a child who seems not to have eaten anything

  • Every week is nurses week1

    In New York Daily News supplement, Truth leaders discuss the image of nursing May 6, 2019 – In this year’s Nurses Week advertising supplement, the New York Daily News ran a long piece by Truth About Nursing executive director Sandy Summers and senior advisor Harry Summers. We discussed our work over the years on nursing

  • Are nurses “technicians” or “professionals”?2

    A questionnaire sent home with many Spanish school kids this month undervalues nursing. The man in charge has refused to retract it and issue a new one. Or…   May 2019 – Late this month the government of the Spanish region of Andalusia sent a questionnaire home with 90,000 school kids categorizing various professions. Physicians


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