• What the heart wants0

    NBC’s Heartbeat featured expert physicians, with a nurse as skilled handmaiden The 2016 NBC show Heartbeat focused on a female cardiac surgeon and other physicians. It did have a recurring nurse character, but she never got beyond skilled aide-de-camp status. And it was finally revealed that she wanted to be a physician, reinforcing that nursing

  • Tiempos de Amor0

    The Netflix show Morocco: Love in Times of War offers only a limited look at Spanish wartime nursing in the 1920s. But the Spanish series, released in the U.S. in 2018, does include one fearless nursing leader. January 2018 – This month Netflix released to the U.S. market the first season of Morocco: Love in Times

  • Ladies health squad0

    On the BBC drama’s fourth season, autonomous nurses provided expert midwifery and psychosocial care to a poor London community. They also advocated strongly for dispossessed populations.

  • “Respect the nurses”0

    On Grey’s Anatomy, surgeons are still gods and nurses are still low-skilled lackeys. But that didn’t stop one surgeon character from delivering a mind-boggling speech declaring that a key rule for successful surgeons is to listen to and respect nurses.

  • We are the gap0

    Lifetime docudrama Life Flight is a mixed message for nursing The March 2015 docudrama Life Flight: Trauma Center Houston has helpful information about what nurses do for patients, although it spends a lot of time on the nurses’ personal lives and general thoughts March 2015 – This month the U.S. cable channel Lifetime aired a

  • Tearing up the bureaucracy0

    “Call the Midwife” can be expected to offer a consistently good portrayal of nursing. “Chicago Med” and “The Resident” will show viewers some nursing skill, advocacy, and autonomy. But the physician-focused vision of top shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Good Doctor,” on which nurses are still handmaidens, will likely dominate another Hollywood season.


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