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    Klondike sells Kandy Bars with clever naughty nurse stereotype September 2014 — Unilever introduced its new Klondike Kandy Bars with a television ad featuring a sexy candy bar “nurse” whose seduction of a Klondike ice cream bar “patient” ostensibly led to the birth of the new product. Although they seem to have stopped airing this

  • All due respect0

    Another 24 episodes of misinformation about what nurses do May 2014 – The tenth season of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy followed the show’s by-now-familiar model, clinically speaking:  Surgeons gave all important hospital care and nurses were generally limited to background roles, fetching things and absorbing commands, occasionally with an obsequious “yes, doctor!” In an April 2014

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  • We crave a different kind of buzz0

    (2014) Director: Carolyn Jones Producers: Carolyn Jones and Lisa Frank Diginext Films Not rated by MPAA The American Nurse opens nationwide today! The American Nurse is a fine feature-length documentary about five nurses from director Carolyn Jones’s 2012 book of portraits with the same name. The nurses, three women and two men, work in varied settings:  a

  • You can do it another day0

    CBS’s 60 Minutes on the Health Wagon! April 6, 2014 — Tonight a segment on CBS’s long-running news show 60 Minutes offered a very good portrait of two nurse practitioners (NPs) who provide vital health care to still-uninsured residents of rural western Virginia from an old Winnebago called “The Health Wagon.” Correspondent Scott Pelley explains that many residents of that poverty-stricken part

  • The bedpan ceiling0

    • NEWS
    • February 17, 2014

    Scholar Linda Shields explains nursing on ABC February 17, 2014 — Today Rebecca McLaren published a remarkable article about public understanding of nursing on the website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Capricornia radio station in Central Queensland. “The bedpan ceiling” seems to be based entirely on input from James Cook University nursing professor Linda Shields (right); the long

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